Leukoderma It's a depigmentated condition of skin, where a particular part or whole body involved. In Ayurveda it's categorized as shwitra or kilasa kushta. Symptoms ✦ Whitish discoloration of the skin ✦ Patch like skin [...]



Infertility Infertility is caused by so many reasons in male and female individuals. ✦ In males it may be caused by low sperm counts, impotency, surgical problems like varicocele, hydrocele etc. ✦ In females it [...]



Psoriasis Psoriasis is an auto somatic disease which can be compared to KSHUDRA KUSHTA in Ayurveda, which will increase with stress and unconditional food and lifestyle. This is mostly hereditary and commonly found in young [...]



PCOD Poly cystic ovarian disease or syndrome is a combination of complications induced by small cysts on the ovaries. It plays a vital role in the women's life starting from childhood to menopause. This is [...]



Swarnaprashana Swarnamrutha Prashana is an ancient method of immunization proven to help children maintain good physical and mental health. It is general and non specific form of immunization which helps fight [...]


Shalya Chikitsa

SHALYA CHIKITSA Shalya Tantra – The scope of this branch of Medical Science is to remove (from an ulcer) any extraneous substance  such as, fragments of hay, particles of stone, dust, iron or bone; splinters, [...]


Rasa Shastra

Rasa Shastra The word Rasashaastra literally means the “Science of Mercury”. It is a specialized branch of Ayurveda dealing mainly with materials which are known as ‘Rasa dravyaas’. The products dealt under this discipline are [...]


Kaya Chikithsa

Kayachikitsa Kayachikitsa is the first branch of ashtang ayurved that deals with general medicine, where kaya means body and chikitsa means treatment. Kaya also refers to agni on entire ayurvedic therapeutics is based on the concept of Agni Ayurveda is having holistic [...]