Project Description


It’s a depigmentated condition of skin, where a particular part or whole body involved. In Ayurveda it’s categorized as shwitra or kilasa kushta.


✦ Whitish discoloration of the skin
✦ Patch like skin rashes
✦ Graying of hair
✦ Growth retardation in children
✦ Immunity problems
✦ Depression

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment includes Shoshana Chikitsa & Shamana Chikitsa.

Shodhana includes Panchakarma therapies like
✦ Shirodhara
✦ Sarvanga dhara
✦ Virechana
✦ Raktamokshana

Shamana includes oral medications to
✦ Improving immunity
✦ Blood purifying
✦ Stop hair loss and graying
✦ Increase skin health and longevity by Rasayana therapies